Sailfin Magazines

Sailfin Magazines is our publishing division, publishing our own online magazines, and providing consultancy, editing, and content creation services to other publishers.

House Magazines

Over the last ten years, our network of online magazines has catered for consumers niche interests; family and parenting magazine, pregnancy & early years; interior design, home and decorating magazine; tourism and travel magazine; and more.

In 2018 we combined all of our previous titles into one new magazine: Copse Magazine.

We provide a great combination of articles, reviews, videos, audio, expert opinion and supplier directories, providing everything the reader needs to further their knowledge, or enjoyment of the given topic.

By utilising the power and reach of the Sailfin Magazines advertising network, you can access consumers in environments appropriate to their interests and needs, at a time when they have a propensity to purchase and they are actively searching for more information.

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