Charity fundraising resources

Our charity fundraising resources are designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to diversify your funding sources, engage your donors, and maximise your fundraising efforts.

We recognise that effective fundraising is the lifeblood of charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Whether you’re developing a comprehensive fundraising plan, writing grant proposals, or planning a major campaign, we offer practical guidance to help you achieve your financial goals.

Fundraising strategies

Developing and implementing a successful fundraising strategy is crucial for sustaining your organisation’s mission and programmes. Our charity fundraising resources on fundraising strategies include:

  • Comprehensive fundraising plans: Step-by-step guides on creating detailed fundraising plans that align with your organisation’s goals and objectives.
  • Diversification of funding sources: Advice on diversifying your funding streams to reduce dependency on any single source, including grants, individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and events.
  • Innovation in fundraising: Ideas and case studies on innovative fundraising methods, such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, and social enterprise models.

Donor engagement

Building and maintaining strong relationships with donors is essential for long-term fundraising success. Our donor engagement resources offer:

  • Donor cultivation: Techniques for identifying and cultivating potential donors, including research methods and relationship-building strategies.
  • Stewardship best practices: Best practices for stewarding your donors, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated through personalized communication and recognition programs.
  • Retention strategies: Strategies for retaining donors, including developing loyalty programs and regular engagement touchpoints to keep them connected to your mission.

Campaign planning

Effective campaign planning is key to reaching your fundraising targets. Our resources on campaign planning provide:

  • Campaign development: Guidance on developing comprehensive campaign plans, from setting objectives and timelines to identifying target audiences and crafting compelling messages.
  • Execution tactics: Practical tips for executing successful fundraising campaigns, including leveraging multimedia channels and coordinating volunteer efforts.
  • Post-campaign analysis: Tools for evaluating campaign performance, analysing results, and identifying areas for improvement to inform future campaigns.

Grant writing

Writing compelling grant proposals is a critical skill for securing funding from foundations and government agencies. Our grant writing resources include:

  • Research and identification: Techniques for researching and identifying appropriate grant opportunities that align with your mission and programs.
  • Proposal development: Step-by-step guidance on developing strong grant proposals, including crafting persuasive narratives, setting clear objectives, and preparing detailed budgets.
  • Review and feedback: Advice on reviewing and refining your proposals to increase the likelihood of success, including seeking feedback from peers and mentors.

Event fundraising

Fundraising events can be powerful tools for engaging supporters and raising funds. Our event fundraising resources cover:

  • Event planning: Tips for planning successful fundraising events, from setting goals and budgets to coordinating logistics and marketing.
  • Virtual events: Strategies for hosting virtual fundraising events, including leveraging technology platforms, engaging remote audiences, and maximizing online donations.
  • Post-event follow-up: Best practices for following up after events, including thanking participants, sharing outcomes, and maintaining momentum.

Corporate partnerships

Building partnerships with businesses and corporations can provide valuable funding and resources. Our corporate partnership resources offer:

  • Identifying partners: Techniques for identifying potential corporate partners that align with your values and mission.
  • Proposal development: Guidance on developing partnership proposals that highlight mutual benefits and demonstrate impact.
  • Managing relationships: Best practices for managing and sustaining corporate partnerships, including regular communication, reporting, and recognition.

Digital fundraising resources

Harnessing the power of digital tools and platforms can significantly enhance your fundraising efforts. Our digital fundraising resources provide:

  • Online donation platforms: Reviews and comparisons of online donation platforms to help you choose the best solution for your needs.
  • Social media fundraising: Strategies for leveraging social media to boost fundraising, including creating shareable content, running social media campaigns, and engaging with followers.
  • Email campaigns: Tips for creating effective email fundraising campaigns, from crafting compelling subject lines to segmenting your audience and analysing results.

Charity fundraising resources matter

Strong fundraising practices not only secure the financial resources needed to sustain your organisation but also build a community of supporters who are invested in your mission.

By adopting best practices and innovative strategies in fundraising, you can enhance your organisation’s capacity to achieve its goals and create lasting impact through diversifying your income and decreasing your reliance on local authority or government funding for your programmes and services.

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