Our history

The publishing revolution

We were founded in 2007, during the early days of the decline of magazine publishing, where mainstream publishers were struggling to understand the opportunities of online content and needed a helping hand to rework their business plans away from the golden triad of display, classifieds, and subscription income, and to navigate a world of search engine optimisation, paywalls, and adaptive content.

Whilst the larger publishers survived this first wave, they later felt the impact of pay per click advertising and the accountability of advertising metrics against their display advertising – and a new world of justifying circulation and reach figures.

The independent publishers suddenly had a space in the marketplace to leverage their unique selling points; content writing, beautiful design, and high quality paper stock.

‘Indy publishers’ were able to command higher subscription prices, and reduce/refuse/avoid display advertising that didn’t align with their ethos and values. The used lower print runs to create a supply and demand market and re-energised the magazine publishing industry which had fast become a race to the bottom in terms of ‘churnalism’ and formulaic weeklies.

With the independent publishers on the rise, there was a space for a brand, content, and digital agency who understood both worlds; high quality print publishing and high quality, accessible digital content that increases your reach without cannibalising your core asset.

Community Interest Company

From 2020 to 2024, we ran our own Community Interest Company – Nest + Grow CIC, to manage our charity consultancy projects and to develop further projects to create more opportunities for individuals and communities.

We ran community projects in four key areas; Children and Young People, families, mental health, and reducing social isolation.

We also launched the Mental Health Lab; an online platform working to understand mental health and to bring together the knowledge and research around mental health into one space where it can be communicated in an accessible yet credible way.

Sailfin Communications for the charity sector

In 2022, we refocused our client base away from the private sector and into the charity sector or ‘third sector’.

Our experience running a community interest company showed that there is a way for a private sector limited company to maintain the agility away from the regulatory framework whilst still doing good through supporting other social enterprises and charities.